5.1 Standing Committees. Shall be composed of volunteers from the Association
who, among themselves, shall elect a Chairperson. Each Committee will serve for
a period of one year, hold meetings as needed and report promptly to the
Executive Board the outcome of those meetings. Committee recommendations are
subject to Executive Board approval. Each Committee chairperson is responsible
for submitting articles to the newsletter committee for the Association newsletters.
The following are the Standing Committees:
a. Maintenance and Capital Improvements. Addresses issues affecting physical
appearance of the neighborhood, excluding regulations covered by the
Covenants. Areas of concern are: maintaining the entrance to the Mountain
subdivision, vacant lots, street lights (if installed), holiday decorations, etc.
b. Government Liaison and Sector Representation. Represents the
Association at Planning Commission and City Council meetings and at
meetings of other governmental agencies affecting The Mountain. Ensures that
the current and appropriate MNA representatives are registered with all proper
governmental Entities. Also represents the Association at appropriate meetings
of neighborhood coalitions or alliances.
c. Traffic and Security. Serves as the liaison between the Association and the
Austin Police Department and Fire Departments and other governmental
agencies involved with traffic and security issues. Coordinates the
Neighborhood Watch program; organizes safety programs for children and
residents; and works with government agencies on issues of traffic flow,
speeding or parking violations, installation of traffic signs and traffic safety
devices as needed. Provides data of recent criminal activity in the area to
Association members.
d. Social. Organizes at least two social events a year for all Members and their
families which will be open to all residents of the Mountain; prepares an annual
budget for approval by the Executive Board.
e. Membership. Maintains a list of all Association members. Organizes block
Captains for each area in The Mountain and coordinates their activities.
Conducts a Membership drive during the months of April and May to obtain
membership renewals and recruit new members. Greets new residents with
Welcome Packets and maintains a file of the Membership Applications.
Provides up-to-date membership list to the Directory Committee for publication
in the annual Mountain Neighborhood Directory.
f. Directory. Responsible for compiling, publishing, updating and distributing the
annual Mountain Neighborhood Directory to all members.
g. Newsletter. Responsible for writing, editing, publishing and distributing the
Mountain Newsletter on a quarterly basis. Articles from each committee chair
shall be submitted to the Editor by the appropriate deadline for each issue.
h. Advertising and Publicity. Responsible for obtaining advertising for the
Directory and the Newsletter, and if requested, sponsors for Association events
and activities. Responsible for publicizing and promoting the Association.
i. Holiday Trees. Responsible for ordering trees for the annual Holiday Trees
event, distributing order forms to the residents of the Mountain Neighborhood,
collecting fees and distribution of the Trees.
j. Web Site. Responsible for maintaining the Mountain Neighborhood Association
web site.

5.2. Elections of Standing Committee Chairpersons
a. Formation of Committees. During the Annual Election, Association members
will volunteer to serve on the Standing Committees. Members may also
volunteer to serve at any time during the year on any Standing Committee.
b. Chairpersons. Each Standing Committee will elect a chairperson to serve on
the Executive Board. This election will take place with four (4) weeks after the
annual election.

5.3 Ad Hoc Committees. Ad Hoc Committees may be formed by the Executive Board
as needed, and will function on a temporary basis or until the end of the fiscal year.
Ad Hoc Committee chairpersons shall be non-voting members of the Executive