1.1 Name. The name of the Association shall be THE MOUNTAIN NEIGHBORHOOD
ASSOCIATION, INC. (hereinafter called the "Association").

1.2 Purpose. The purpose of the Association is to provide a formal organization
through which resident lot owners shall seek to preserve so far as possible, the
natural beauty of the property and in general, to enhance the environmental quality
and economic value of the property; to maintain current information on zoning
laws; to promote the overall safety and security of all residents and to maintain
contact with local political groups and individuals whose decision might affect
property owners; and, to seek enforcement of the covenants, conditions and other
restrictions as filed in Travis County for the subdivision.

1.3 Membership Eligibility. Members shall be resident property owners located in
The Park at Spicewood Springs, Phase One.Sections 1, 2, 3, and 4, a subdivision
in Travis County, Texas according to the map or plat of record in Book 81, pages
355-357; Book 84, Pages 62C-63B; and Book 84, Pages 190B-191A of the Plat
Records of Travis County, Texas. There shall be only one class of Membership.
Members shall be entitled to one vote per residential lot.

1.4 Annual Dues. Annual membership dues, established by the Executive Board, are
due each September 1, payable by September 30. Dues shall be on a per lot basis
and will be used exclusively for the benefit of the Association and its members.
Membership in the Association automatically terminates on September 30 unless
dues have been paid for the coming year. The amount of the dues each year will
be reviewed annually by the Executive Board and adjusted as necessary.