No lot may be resubdivided without the specific approval of the Architectural Control Committee. All Owners by acceptance of a conveyance of any Lot shall be deemed conclusively and automatically to have consented and agreed to any such further subdivision of Lots and to have consented to the vacation (or partial vacation) of the subdivision plat of the Property, in the event the same is necessary for any Lot or Lots to be resubdivided, provided that (and the consent herby given subject to and conditioned upon) said resubdivision shall be accomplished by a replatting of the entire Property so vacated, which replatting shall in no manner change or modify the then existing subdivision plat or plats except to reflect the new Lot lines of the Lot or Lots being resubdivided and provided further that said resubdivision shall in no other manner effect, limit, release, ore waive any other covenant and condition as set forth in this Declaration.

WILLIAM T. GUNN, III, is hereby appointed, and all Owners by acceptance of a conveyance subject to this Declaration shall b e deemed to make, constitute and appoint WILLIAM T. GUNN, III, the lawful attorney-in-fact of all Owners to act in their respective names, places, and stead, to do such acts and to execute such plats, applications, consents to vacation or other instruments as said WILLIAM T. GUNN, III, may deem proper or advisable to effectuate the vacation and resubdivision as set forth above, subject to and in accordance with the provisions hereof.