No structure or emplacements of a temporary character, mobile home, trailer, derelict, junk or racing motor vehicle, or any motor vehicle without current license tag, or any tent, shack, barn or other outbuilding which exceeds six (6) feet in height or is in excess of six (6) feet in width and ten (10) feet in length, shall be erected, placed, driven onto, altered or permitted to remain on any lot at any time, either temporarily or permanently, without the prior written consent of the Architectural Control Committee. No mobile home or preconstructed building of any kind may be moved upon any lot for any purpose, save and except that Developer or it successors or assigns, or duly authorized agents may utilize temporary structures for a sales office or construction office which may be moved onto a lot. This provision shall not apply to vehicles, equipment or temporary structures utilized by Developer when engaged in construction or repair work, or such work as may reasonably be necessary for the completion of the subdivision as a residential community and the disposition of lots by sale, lease, or otherwise.