Streetlight Committee Minutes ####Historical information from 2010####

This page lists the minutes or contents of all committee meetings to inform the neighborhood of the activities of the committee and the status of the streetlight project. Upcoming Meetings Thursday, February 25th. Past Meetings Feb. 11 Meeting Summary: Reviewed streetlight form, signature sheet and pro and con research. Discussed distribution. Meeting Notes: 2-11-10 Mtg. Minutes (docx) Jan. 8 Call with Austin Energy Summary: The neighborhood will have to pay for the creation of a plat for decorative lights if we do not go with decorative lights. So the plat will not be created until the decision is made. Meeting Notes: 1-8-10 Mtg. Minutes (docx) Dec. 1 Meeting Summary: Connie Gray was elected as the pro-lights co-chair. The decision was made that the ballot would be a single question: Do you want a light on your property or property line? It will be accompanied with pro and con information, distributed by block captains and the results put on the web site. Meeting Notes: 12-1-09 Mtg. Minutes (docx) Nov. 15 Meeting Summary: The committee is still looking for a pro-lights co-chair. Progress has been made on the ballot. The idea of a blog has been dropped in favor of research coordinators for each position receiving email from the neighborhood. After the meeting a call was made to the city for clarifications. Meeting Minutes: 11/15/209 Streetlight Committee Minutes (docx). Nov. 8 Meeting Summary: The committee will have two chairs. Stephanie Methven will represent the con position. The committee is still looking for a volunteer to represent the pro position. A blog will be set up on this web site to post research on the pros and cons of lights. An online ballot will be created to collect people's positions on the issues. Meeting Minutes: 11/8/2009 Streetlight Committee Minutes (docx) Sept. 21 - Austin Energy Q&A Summary: Austin Energy employees Keith Harville and Kevin Hebert hosted a question and answer session about the streetlight project. Meeting Minutes: 9/21/2009 Austin Energy Meeting Minutes (pdf) Sept. 20 Meeting Summary: The purpose of this meeting was to organize an agenda and formalize a list of questions for the Austin Energy meeting on Sept. 21. Meeting Minutes: 9/20/2009 Streetlight Committee Minutes (pdf)